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• Company vehicles may not be used for business activities of other companies. • Company vehicles may not be driven to Mexico. Driver Licensing Company drivers and anyone authorized to drive the company vehicles must have a valid driver’s license issued in the state of residence for the class of the vehicle being operated.

  • and, otherwise, following the policies and procedures outlined in the following. Company drivers and anyone authorized to drive the company vehicles must .

  • Any employee driving a Company vehicle or driving on Company business must observe all safety, traffic, and criminal laws of this state. No driver may consume alcohol or illegal drugs while driving a Company vehicle, while on Company business, while in a Company vehicle, or prior to the employee's shift if such consumption would result in a detectable amount of alcohol or illegal drugs being present in the employee's system while.

  • Company Vehicle means any motor vehicle supplied by the Company to a Driver on a permanent or temporary basis; Company Business Travel means any business journeys excluding travelling to and from the office that an employee is based at; Driver/you/your means any employee provided with a Company Vehicle.

  • It is the policy of this company that the company vehicles provided for employees be A decision to allow limited personal use shall be based upon past driver .

  • Employees must have a valid and current Driver’s license to operate a company vehicle, or a personal vehicle with current auto insurance while on company business. Employees are expected to drive in a safe and responsible manner and to maintain a good driving.

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Our company car policy describes our guidelines for using company cars. who use company vehicles as an indispensable part of their jobs (e.g. truck drivers .

  1. Employees who use company vehicles as an indispensable part of their jobs (e.g. truck drivers and delivery drivers). Employees who are given a company car as a benefit attached to their jobs. In most cases, our company will determine which employees will be assigned company.

  2. procedures stipulated in this company policy. • A driving record which becomes deficient during the course of operating a company vehicle which, under certain .

  3. Policy statement regarding the provision of a vehicle to carry out work-related duty of care to ensure that all drivers using company vehicles or driving any .

drivers must maintain a clean driving record, i.e., must remain insurable under our company's liability insurance policy. Any employee driving a Company vehicle .

The Company Vehicle Operating Policy is designed to foster a safe driving environment and to protect employees, the public, the environment and Southwestern Energy Company (SWN or Company).

Oct 29, 2018 Company Vehicle Policy Template. 1. Driver policy overview. The [company name] company vehicle policy gives employees guidelines for .