Jul 30, 2013 As a supervisor, you don't have to take full responsibility for teaching your learner to drive. You can choose to have an accredited driver trainer .

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Ten Rules for Parents Supervising a Learner Driver Posted on August 27, 2013 by Michael As well as having driving lessons with professional driving instructors, much of the lessons young learner drivers will have will be in the ‘hot seat’ next to their parents.

Providing that you hold the equivalent to a current Queensland open licence, and you have held this for more than one year, you may supervise and approve their drives. You cannot however instruct if you are on probation, hold a restricted or suspended licence, or hold a Learner or provisional licence.

  • If you are teaching someone to drive, you play an important role in developing their lifelong driving habits. It can be difficult to teach someone to drive—particularly in the early stages. As a supervisor, you don’t have to take full responsibility for teaching your learner to drive.

  • When you are supervising a learner driver, you have the same legal responsibilities as if you were driving. For example, the drink drive.

  • Drivers must pass a hazard perception test to progress from a P1 to a P2 or open licence (dependant on age). Restrictions, such as no late night driving, apply for disqualified and suspended young drivers. Instructions for getting a licence (from learner to open), and advice for supervising a learner driver are included in this website.

  • Supervising a learner driver is a challenging experience. It can also be very rewarding. You'll help a young person develop the skills and attitudes they need to become a safer, smarter driver.

  • The Driving Standards Agency actually thinks this is a good idea - it recommends that the average learner driver needs 47 lessons and 22 hours of private practice, so those hours spent driving under supervision are an essential part of a young driver’s training.

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  1. only drive with a supervisor who holds a valid open licence for the class of vehicle you are driving and has held the licence for at least 1 year; always display your L plates; carry your learner licence with you; record 100 hours of supervised driving in your learner logbook, including 10 hours of night driving; know the rules for driving.

  2. The Supervising Driver Handbook provides a step-by-step guide to supervising learner drivers, checklists of skills to cover, and other helpful tips. *The Queensland Government allows each hour (up to a max. 10 hours) of supervised on-road driving experience with an accredited driver trainer to count as three hours in a logbook. So 10 hours with an accredited trainer counts as 30 hours supervised on-road driving in a logbook.

  3. Aug 16, 2016 Last updated 16 August 2016 Young driver laws There are special rules Young people with a learner licence can apply for exemptions from .

  1. When supervising, it's important to give your learner driver lots of practice, advice and competent driver and be up to date with current Queensland road rules.

  2. Aug 24, 2018 This is why learner drivers need to gain 100 hours of supervised driving being up to date with the information in 'Your keys to driving in Queensland' the learner reads this before their road rules test; commentary driving.

  3. As well as driving with a supervisor you got your learner's in Queensland.

An online resource to help prepare you for the QLD driving tests. Studying to get your learner licence? Preparing for the practical driving test? Wondering what the HPT is like? Getting ready for your open licence? QLD Driving.

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